The James is our anatomical shaped, classic penny loafer

Explore the unique combination of craft and technology that make this the quintessential Harrys of London shoe and choose your perfect style below.

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  • Gloss Calf

    We use only the highest quality Italian calf leather for our classic Italian 'spazzolato' or 'brushed' Gloss Calf leather. A fine layer of varnish on top of the hide gives a continuous shine and lustre to the leather, which is hand-polished to a deep, rich, lasting gloss that holds up to everyday wear. Renowned for its immediate comfort, this leather is also meant for easy care and requires only a light neutral polish and brush to maintain the shine. View all Gloss Calf styles
  • Rubber Injected Sole

    Our classic leather sole is 'injected' with a rubber 'island' using the latest in rubber injection technology developed for the athletic industry. The rubber compound enters the opening in the leather sole as a high-pressure liquid and is literally fused with the leather to create one mass. By eliminating a section of the leather, this sole becomes lighter and infinitely more flexible. The added traction is great for wet streets and provides an extra level of wear-and-tear. View all Rubber Injected Sole styles
  • Resoleable

    This style and sole is designed to be fully resoleable. Please contact us directly to enquire about resoling options, pricing and lead times through our resoling and repairs service. View all Resoleable styles