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The Most Exclusive Sock in the World

We're proud to launch a limited edition of 100 pairs of Charcoal Grey, fine 100% Cervelt™ socks.

The handwork, dying and weaving of this very special material is highly unusual and requires the highest attention to craftsmanship.

Cervelt™, known as the 'Diamond of Clothing Fibres' is the down fibre of the New Zealand Red Deer. Only 20 grams of fibre can be collected from each Red Deer every year. Its unique qualities and rarity make it the most sought after and highest quality natural fibre in the world.

Cervelt™ facts:

25 mm long with a diameter of 13 microns – fine yet strong.
Lighter and softer than cashmere (Mongolian Cashmere considered the finest in the world is 40 mm long and a diameter of 16 Microns).
Light and naturally elastic making it resilient to creasing.
The natural properties of the fibre also make it pill-resistant - small balls of fibre do not collect on the surface, making for a refined appearance.
Allows the body to breathe because moisture is moved away to the outer layer of the fabric.
Body warmth is maintained through the action of millions of air chambers that form inside the natural creases of the fibre – ideal for cold weather.

New Zealand Red Deer were gifted to the Otago Province of New Zealand by the Earl of Dalhousie in 1870 from his estate of Invermark, Scotland. The animals of the Otago Red Deer herd are perhaps the only surviving gene pool of pure stock of this subspecies, Cervus Elaphus Scoticus in the world.
The New Zealand Red Deer roam across acres of alpine scrub and tussock. Their environment of lower dense rain forests are subject to extreme temperatures. To protect them from the cold and wet, the Deer produce a soft layer of down underneath their coarse outer coat.

Made in Italy. Handwash or Dry Clean only.

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